This is what teenagers’ thoughts and plans are about suicide

This is what teenagers' thoughts and plans are about suicide

Teen suicides have increased significantly. Also, generally speaking, there are many suicides. In Spain, for example, there are 10 times more suicides than homicides .

Recent research , conducted by the University of Washington and New York University, explored ethnic, racial, and gender differences among those who think and / or attempt suicide, as well as associated behavioral and environmental factors in 7,500 high school students in United states

Black students twice as many tries

About a quarter of the 7,500 respondents said they had only thought about suicide. 38% said they had planned suicide but did not attempt it, and 35% said they had thought, planned and attempted suicide.

The researchers found that black high school students are almost twice as likely as white students to attempt suicide without reporting any thoughts or plans .

And students of all racial and ethnic groups who reported certain factors or behaviors (being bullied online, feeling sad or hopeless, a history of sexual violence, smoking cigarettes, or abusing prescription opiates) were more likely to report thinking, planning and they attempted suicide, as opposed to having thoughts and plans without an attempt.

According to lead author Meghan Romanelli , assistant professor of social work at the University of Washington:

Most adolescents who think about suicide do not attempt it, so in the analysis we wanted to separate the adolescents who attempted suicide from those who thought about suicide but did not attempt it to identify what factors may have put youth in a higher level. risk. These differences are important because they allow us to deploy prevention and intervention efforts directed at the adolescent’s level of risk.