This Jedi lightsaber is the truest to date – it can cut through steel

This Jedi lightsaber is the truest to date - it can cut through steel

YouTuber James Hobson , aka The Hacksmith, has created all kinds of realistic and fully functional replicas of iconic movie weapons, like Captain America’s shield and Thor’s mighty hammer. But he is best known for making Jedi weapons, from the Star Wars saga.

His latest lightsaber is simply spectacular – the closest thing we’ve ever seen in the real world .

A plasma saber

Many are the replicas of lightsabers that we can find in the market. The problem with all of these replicas, however, is that they are not technically lightsabers: they are simply constructed of metal tubes .

A real lightsaber (or as real as it can be when speaking of a space opera weapon) projects from the hilt and retracts when not in use. Now, James Hobson has done just that by conceiving the world’s first plasma-based retractable lightsaber .

Using the laminar flow principle, which consists of combining liquefied petroleum gas, or propane, with oxygen and sending them through laminar nozzles. It is a specialized tool for engineers, generating a highly concentrated gas flow to create a plasma beam, according to Hobson.

A "beam" of plasma that burns above 2,000 ° C, emitting heat capable of cutting steel .

Using salts of calcium chloride and boric acid, in addition, Hobson can change the color of the lightsaber , just as it happens in the galactic saga.