This new Japanese ice cream doesn’t melt (not even in the sun)

This new Japanese ice cream doesn't melt (not even in the sun)

When we are walking down the street and we buy an ice cream, the problem is that we must eat it with some speed or it will start to repeat itself and get stained. This is a thing of the past with this new ice cream developed by Japanese researchers .

The ice cream was produced by mistake after a cook in Japan was asked to find a way to use strawberries grown in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, which would not grow normally and customers would not want to buy them.


The chef eventually produced a cream to solidify them, and this caught the attention of the University of Kanazawa who, after examining the find, discovered that a compound called polyphenol in strawberries was responsible for solidifying the cream .

By mixing it with the ice cream, they found that it kept it from melting. Ice cream keeps its shape for several hours in a warm environment, and it still tastes cold in the mouth. Currently, it is only for sale in Japan.