Tiger tests positive for COVID-19 at New York’s Bronx Zoo

Tiger tests positive for COVID-19 at New York's Bronx Zoo

Cats can be infected with coronavirus, but it is not yet clear that they infect humans, as we told you a few days ago. Now at the Bronx Zoo in New York, another infected feline has been discovered : a tiger .

First case

It is the first case of its kind. The four-year-old tiger has tested positive for COVID-19, as confirmed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The female Malayan tiger is believed to have been infected by a worker , and other big cats are showing symptoms, according to the zoo.

The organization believes that Nadia, as the tiger is called, contracted COVID-19 from a worker who was asymptomatic at the time. Since then, preventive measures have been taken to protect the other staff and animals at the zoo.

As the zoo notes, it’s unclear how the disease will develop in big cats . Animals will be closely observed with the intention of sharing any discoveries in this regard.

While there is no evidence that animals can transmit SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes COVID-19, to humans, researchers conducting laboratory experiments in China have found that infected cats can transmit the virus to others. cats The same researchers found that dogs were much less susceptible to infection .

While it is noted that there are currently no reports of domestic pets becoming ill with COVID-19, it is recommended that people with the disease limit their contact with animals until more is known about transmission of the virus.