Using scents to help people with dementia remember to eat

Using scents to help people with dementia remember to eat

Some patients, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or senile dementia, forget to eat . To prevent such patients from depending exclusively on other people for eating, there are some interesting projects.

One is particularly original because it is just a diffuser that releases the aroma of breakfast in the morning, that of lunch and that of dinner.

Olfactory memory

Ode is the name of this food aroma diffuser . After its use (it has been in the market for a few years), the weight of half of the participants in a study on its efficacy either stabilized or increased .

So much so that the Small Business Cup designated Ode as the most innovative British business idea of ​​2013. Charles Spence , one of its creators, explains the problems he had to face for its development in the book Gastrophysics :

In this case, one of the difficulties this astrophysicist faced was deciding which flavorings to use, because while the scent of sizzling bacon might be indicative of breakfast for some, it is obviously not an option for faithful of certain religions. What’s more, what we eat evolves as the decades go by.

Ode 2