What are our wettest dreams about?

What are our wettest dreams about?

Some of our dreams have such a lubricious component that it almost seems that, instead of dreaming, we had accessed one of those repositories of X videos divided and classified perfectly by different kinds of filias: amateur, teen, BBW, creampie, hairy, etc. .

Actually, a researcher at Shue Yan University, Hong Kong, named Calvin Kai-Ching Yu , wanted to find out the percentage of these philias or paraphilias in our dreams.

After carrying out a detailed study of sexual dreams in men, he published his conclusions in a now classic article whose title is quite eloquent: Sex Dreams, Wet Dreams, and Nocturnal Emissions .

In it, he points out that 5.2% of men have kissed a monster in their dreams . 3.4% have had a sexual affair with an animal. 1.7% have had sex with an object, a plant or even a stone. Yes, a stone.

10.3% of the men subjected to this study had dreams in which they slept with their mother. And 6.9%, with his older sister.

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