What are sensory spoons?

What are sensory spoons?

The current cutlery is basically, with some exceptions, the same in all houses. But at least one manufacturer has released a commercial set of so-called textured sensory spoons .

Thanks to these textures, commercialized spoons unexpectedly caress the tongue. In this way, a particular food’s taste, flavor or texture can be enhanced .

An alternative

If sensory spoons are not available, there is an alternative. For example, you can dip the spoons in lemon juice (better not to do it with silver spoons). It is then dipped into something crystalline or gritty, like sugar or coffee as a ground, and allowed to dry .

Before serving the food, something tasty is placed on the spoon and swallowed. The texture will surprise the diner and make them pay a little more attention to what they eat. As Charles Spence abounds in this in his book Gastrophysics :

Another way to alter the experience that our guests have of what they eat is to change the material properties of the cutlery itself. A cheap solution is to put wooden cutlery in place of normal forks and knives.