What foods can make you test positive for drugs?

What foods can make you test positive for drugs?

On the BBC’s Rip Off Britain , an experiment was carried out with a woman who ate bread with poppy seeds for three days. Afterward, he underwent an opioid test . He tested positive, even though he had not ingested any narcotic drugs.

It is not the only food that can make you test positive for drugs.


According to Atholl Johnston , an expert in Pharmacology at Queen Mary University: "Eating a bread with poppy seeds can give a positive result in a urine test that detects morphine." And it is that opium is a substance that is extracted from the green heads of the plant known as opium poppy, Papaver somniferum or common poppy. However, eating a lot of poppy seeds does not have the same effect as taking the drug.

It can also test positive on a breathalyzer even if you haven’t had alcohol . Yeast-bearing pizza or bread doughs and some fruits or juices can have chemical reactions that cause fermentation. With fermentation, a certain amount of alcohol can be generated that could be detected by a breathalyzer.

Hemp seeds are common in some cereal loafs, potentially causing a positive test for THC, which is the main psychoactive substance in marijuana .

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