What is stigmergy?

What is stigmergy?

Peer or similar networks, P2P, the coordinated interaction between tens, hundreds or thousands of minds to obtain a greater good, overcoming obsolete paradigms such as savage capitalism or communism, has come to be called stigmergy . ** A 2.0 world whose maximum exponent may be Wikipedia **. And it is in Wikipedia where we find the following definition.

Interaction 2.0

On July 7, 2002, Tony Bartels , a Nebraska math teacher, made the first English Wikipedia entry on stigmergy, which he defined as a method of communication in which individual parts of a system communicate with each other by means of modification of their environment, such as ants leaving a trail of pheromones .

Dozens of issues later, the entry on stigmergy was significantly expanded, until on July 15, 2004, someone identified with the IP pointed out that the Internet, itself, was also a product of stigmergy . And that included Wikipedia itself:

The massive structure of information available here could be compared to a termite mound: a first user leaves a seed of an idea (a ball of mud), which attracts other users who will continue to build on it and modify that initial concept to achieve in the end an elaborate structure of interconnected thoughts.