Why is fruit sugar healthier than candy sugar?

Why is fruit sugar healthier than candy sugar?

Although sugar is beginning to be avoided as much as possible by people who want to maintain a healthy life, this should not lead us to distrust the sugar contained in fruit. Because this type of sugar is not the same that we find, for example, in candies.

Or more specifically, the sugar in fruit and the added sugar are not the same thing .


There are many types of sugar. There are three types of fruit: fructose, glucose, and a combination of the two called sucrose or "table sugar." But the sugars in fruit are less dense than those in candy. The rise in blood sugar levels when you eat fruit is much more moderate and slower than the peak produced by added sugar. This difference is especially important for people with diabetes .

As if that were not enough, when we eat fruit we obtain other important nutrients, such as vitamin C, or also fiber. When we eat a candy or a bottle of soda, we hardly get anything but sugar.

In addition, fiber is important to regulate sugar peaks, so it is convenient to eat the whole fruit , not in the form of juices or smoothies. Image |  Ronnie