Working too long hours can lead to a stroke

Working too long hours can lead to a stroke

Working more than 55 hours per week increases up to 40% the chances of developing a heart disease or that it leads to a stroke.

This is suggested by a study at the University College London of 85,000 men and women.

Work overload

In the study, subjects were checked for more than 55 hours and subjects worked a normal day of between 35 and 40 hours.

For every 1,000 people in the study, an extra 5.2 cases of arrhythmia were counted among those who exceeded hours at work in the 10 years following the first check-up, compared to those who did a shift normal.

In the words of Sir Nilesh Samani , Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation:

Although we know some of the factors that cause cardiac arrhythmias, such as age, high blood pressure, the condition of the heart valves, and excessive alcohol consumption, many patients develop the condition without an obvious cause. For this reason, I think that this study is interesting to take into account, since it would show that arrhythmias could not only be linked to these factors, but also to work shifts.

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